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Mary Baldwin College 


S E S Q U I C E N T E N N I A L 1842-1992 

Mary Baldwin College 

1992 Bluestocking 

Paula Bush demonstrates 
how to create an explosive 

Anne Scott, President Tyson, 
Kimberly Peterson, Sherine 
Nagia, Ann Bushman, Leigh 
Lanier, Alhe Compton at 
Christmas Cheer Dinner. 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

J^ Moment 


Mary Baldwin College 

Staunton, Virginia 24401 

VOL 90 

Opening 2 

Sesquicentcnnial Cefebration 6 

Student Life 10 

faculty 26 

'Jreshmen 34 

Sophomores 42 

juniors 48 

Seniors 54 

Commencement 82 

Sports 86 

Organizations/lies. Life 104 

lnde?i, 116 

2 Opening 

J? Moment 


Look back over the year; your spirit is caught in these 
pages. You see yourself, but also the 149 classes before 
you, filled with girls like yourself. You also see the 
future, filled with the shadowy figures of future 
students, girls eager to be shown life. All these women 
live in you, and you are embodied in them. Stop for a 
moment and see our spirits caught in these pages, for 
just this moment in time. 

Opening 3 

4 Opening 

Opening 5 


6 Sesquicentennial 

Sesquicentennial 7 

8 Sesquicentennial 

Sesquicentennial 9 

(Back row) Dustin 

Well, Bekah Conn. 

Katherine Taylor. 

Trish Hylton, Ellen 

Butler, Kathryn 

Schiff. Brooke 

Adams, and Nickel 

Baker (Front row) 

Becks Freeman. Jenn 

Kluttz and the boys . 

Cabel Lemmond, 

Ellen Butler, and 

Katherine Taylor - 

Who has the most 

hot air? 


Student Life 


1 ■ lJrr?T^<^ 

« » 

Kim Satchell incognito with a cool 

Amy Burrows, Debbie Feigin, Cabell 
Lemmond, and Cynthia Stevens have 
reached the summit and are taking a 


Amber Mills, Garnett Clymer, and 
Melissa Lambert. 





...let the races begin! 

Jean Gatje, Susan Seamster, Anne Stone, 
and Jackie McFaden in Scott's jeep that he 

Candace Hite, Mary Morrison, and Veronica Vicente. 

Ehzabeth Morgan, Carrie Burke, and AUie Compton. 

Leigh Lanier, Jennifer Markel, and Kimberley Peterson. 

Candace Hite, Jenny Klopman, Veronica Vicente, Kion 
and Jenn Polhtt. 


yivvU (Day 



9{appy 'BirtficCay 
Mary Batdivini 

Ann Pendelton, 
Class of 1992 

Our founders, Rufus Bailey and Mary Julia Baldwin, are 
remembered and celebrated over the weekend closest to October 4, 
the birthday of Mary Julia Baldwin. Surprisingly, Founders' Day 
actually occurred on Mary Julia Baldwin's birthday. This special 
weekend contained activities for the entire college community. 
Previously, Freshman Parents' Weekend followed Founders' Day. 
But this year all parents were invited. 

Starting at 1 1 :00 am on Friday, Founders' Day convoca- 
tion kicked off Parent's Weekend. Dr. Nancy Cott, a women's His- 
tory professor from Yale University, spoke to the newly invested 
seniors, students, faculty, and parents on the history of women's 
education. Karen Wood, the Student Government President, was 
very impressed about the number of seniors in attendence: "The 
turn-out was excellent!" Senior Megan Smithdeal also noticed the 
unexpectedly high number of seniors: "I never thought there would 

be so many seniors that we would run out of gowns." 

Following the ceremony, lunch was served on President 

Tyson's lawn. Yellow and white tents and a live band contributed 


to make a "very enjoyable afternoon." Throughout the day, students 
and their parents had a variety of events to attend. The Volleyball 
team played Roanoke College that evening. Also, Dr. Riley Haws 
and Dr. Robert Allen performed a piano duet. The Theater put on 
"Sticky Revelations" and "A Voice of My Own." 

On Saturday, Interest Sessions were held in the morning 
followed by a pig roast for lunch. The Field Hockey team played 
Salem College that afternoon. A jazz band provided entertainment 
for a party that evening. The Reverend Patricia Hunt held a wor- 
ship service on Sunday morning. Throughout the weekend, stu- 
dents enjoyed having their parents in town and took the opportunity 
to share their favorite restaurants and shops with them. 

On the whole, Parents' Weekend was "very successful and 


Junior ^ads 



Christmas Cficer 
and (Dinmr 



Signature ^aii 

"Casino Saving 



9i{i?(ers and 
M'BC Cafe 


*" ^"^ 



Br- '^H^ • J^^^ 


._ ^^ 







Dr. Robert Allen Dr. Gordon Bowen Dr. David Cary Dr. Richard Clark Dr. Willam Deleeuw 

Dr. Gary Diver Ms. Pauline Dixon Dr. C. Douglass Dr. Mary T. Echols Dr. Martha Evans 

Dr. V. Francisco Dr. Diane Ganiere Dr. Stevens Garlick Dr. Michael Gentry Dr. E. M. Hairfield 

Mr. G. Hammock Dr. J. Harrington Dr. J. Riley Haws Ms. Marlena Hobson Ms. Bonnie Hohn 


Julie King and Mr. 
Kelly take time to 
dance during the Jr. 

Dr. Mary D. Irving Dr. Kric Jones Mrs. Betty Kegley Dr. Jack Kibler Mr. William Little 

Mr. Kenneth Mcbride Dr. James McCrory Ms. Kathy McCleaf Mrs. Ann McGovern Dr. David Mason 



s ^ 
4r *"■ 


1991-1992 SGA Executive Committee 

Robin Wilson - Treasurer. Tricia Hvlton - Secretary. Nancy Thackston - Vice President. Karen Wood - President, Stephanie 
Leftwich - Honor Council Chairwoman, Bekah Conn - Judicial Council Chairwoman, Brittney Hall - House President's 


Ik/;. I 

Dr. Daniel Metraux Dr. Leslie Novack Dr. John Ong Dr. James Patrick Dr. Lundy Pentz 

111 j,^^ 



Dr. Molley Petty Mr. Rick Plant Ms. Celeste Rhoades Dr. Edward A. Scott Mr. Rick Seyford 


Dr. Ethel Smeak Dr. F. Southerington Ms. T. Southerington Dr. Stockdale-Klaus Dr. Ashton Trice 

Dr. Sally James Dr. Jerry Venn Dr. Robert Weiss Dr. John D. Wells Dr. P. Westhafer 




Ir. William Winter. Jr Dr. Patricia C. Wood Dr. Lew Askegaard Mrs. E. Hanks-Martin Mr. Tim Bowers 

Ms. Crista Cabc Mrs. Jane Caplan Mrs. Linda Fry Dr. Dane Cox Ms. Connie Davis 



^ i 


^ l^m 

*r4- V "^ 

' 'IS^flt 

V ^^ 



Ms. Donna Duff Ms. Laura Edmiston Mrs. Margaret Freed Mr. John Haire Mrs. E. Hanks-Martii 

Mrs. Debbie Hastert Mr. Billy Hinlile Ms. Marjorie Hoge Ms. Bertie Huggard Mr. Aubrey Jacltsor 


Mr. John Kelly Mr. Dale Kennedy Ms. Diane Kent Mr. G. Kluchesky Ms. Elaine Liles 

Mrs. Donna Love Ms. Marsha Mays Mr. Lou Murdock Ms. Kate Richerson Ms. Cathy Stevens 


^IbB^^^i QIv ^ tlA ^^' ^^ 

m^ *> v^^^H 


^^^ ^■»' ^^^^^1 


10 ^p* 

W- 'siK'3M?gi^J<iBr>iri^| 


1991-1992 SGA Senate Officers 

Lisa Nichols -Parlamentarian, 

Nancy Thackston ■ 

President, Tricia Hylton - 


Mr. Brent Taylor Ms. Marian Veney Ms. Marian Ward Ms. Charlotte White Dean Heather Wilson 




Ms. Carolyn Wilt 



Jen Carmean, Melissa 

Lambert. Rand 

Hargrett, Allie 

Compton and Anne 

Scott prepare for a 

cocktail party at 

W&L during 


(right) Lauren Love, 

Tammy Sisson, 

Nicole Sadler, 

Jenny Klopman, and 

Lea Taylor spend a 

night on Spencer 2, 


} '"'• A ? J't 

CCass of 1995 

(above) David Bates, Ila Jo Mahafffey, 
Shannon Hart, and Mary McClellan get 
together for Registration Mixer at the 
beginning of the year. 

(left) In pigtails: 
Melissa Lambert 
and Garnett 


Rachel Alexander 

Jennifer Arias 

Sonali Bagri 

Carla Baker 

Erica Bartsch 

Jennifer Bernard 

Renei Brown 

Carrie Burke 

Anne Bushman 

Mary Beth Butler 

Jane Campbell 

Caren Cantrell 

Jen Carmean 

Kat Carter 

Jin Choy 

Garnett Clymer 

Vivian Collier 

Allie Compton 

Jen Cornelius 

Mignon Couret 

Sheri Cox 

Alison Coyner 

Paige Crockett 

Laura Cross 

36 / Freshman 

Carla Custis 
Jennifer Davis 
Kristan Dawson 
Susan Dinnerville 

Bernadette Donahue 
Julie Dyess 
Amy Galvin 
Chandra Gavin 

Rachel Gill 
Jennifer Goetz 
Meg Gralia 
Alexis Grier 

Anna Habisreutinger 
Sara Hadley 
Rand Hargrett 
Beth Harris 

Heather Hayes 
Jessamy Hoffmann 
Ashley Ilgenfritz 
Jennifer Isbel 

Ginger Jennings 
Penny Jenkins 
Myra Johnston 
Alecia Kerry 

Freshman / 37 

Stephanie Knight _ 
Kerry Krogstad 
Michel Lamb 
Melissa Lambert 

Leigh Lanier 

Kimberly Leach 

Ashley Leftwich 

Sonya Lenahan 

Laura Linhart 

Mindy Long 

Jennifer Markel 

Leslie Mask 

Mary McClellan 

Amber Mills 

Elizabeth Morgan 

Mary Morrison 

Stephanie Muska 

Sherine Nagia 

Kaleen O'Connor 

Sarah Parker 

Katie Peter 

Kimberley Peterson 

Kim Price 

Eugenie Prieur 

38 /Freshman 

Michelle Radloff 
Ayesha Rafique 
Shannon Ripley 
Gina Rivera 

Tanya Roberson 
Nicole Sadler 
Anne Scott 
Christinia Scott 

A. J. Shannon 
Lara Smith 
Kim Songer 
Cindy Staton 

Elizabeth Stokes 
Lee Thompson 
Elizabeth Thrift 
Judi Ulicki 

Courtney Vaughn 
Kaori Wakisaka 
Adele Walker 
Sarah Wallis 

Lee Ward 
Kelly Whitley 
Sharon Wieland 
Jennifer Wilkinson 

Freshman / 39 

Hye-Jin Yoon 

Julie Young 

Selene Gorman 

Lta (Dominique l^ayCor 

Lea was born in Alabama. She resided in 
Scranton, Pennsylvania with her mother and 

On December 29, 1991, Lea was killed in a 
severe car accident. Her activities at Mary 
Baldwin included Varsity Volleyball and Student 

As a freshman. Lea's time at Mary Baldwin 
College was short lived. However, her 
contributions will be long remembered. 


40 / Freshman 



t/f/r ) Anna 
Mignon Couret, Myra 
Johnston, Eugenie 
Prieur, Elizabeth 
Thrift, and Ashley 
Ilgenfritz celebrating 
Eugenie's birthday by 
going out to dinner. 

[below) Amber Mills, 
Claire Youngclaus, and 
Melissa Lambert are 
going for that Egyptian 
headwrap look. 

(left) During a beauty makeover, Lee Thompson 
and Alexis Grier take time to sing a song. 

Freshman / 41 

(top) Together 

again at Spring 


races- Alice 

Norman, Kate 


Carolyn Chismer, 

Amy Turner, 

Holly Tatum, 

Melanie Brashear, 

and Leah Dalke. 

(right) Amy Turner, 

Carolyn Chismer. and 

Kate DeJarnette 

goofing off during 

May Term. 


i \ i J 

CCass of 1994 

(ro/;)Melanie, Alice, and Leah take 
time away from their dates at W&L 
Fancy Dress Ball. 

{left) Jenny 
Steams and Kim 

Susan Albanowski 
Carol Biggs 
Blair Bones 
Lori Broglio 

Laura Brunson 

Jennifer Burress 

S. Constanzo 

Tamalyn Dawson 

Deborah Elk 

Jesica Engand 

Lori Esch 

Laura Fisher 

Brooke Garnett 

Patricia Ghegan 

Genie Gratto 

Kristi Haines 

Alicia Hawks 

Sharon Hickman 

Melissa Hines 

Patricia Hobson 

Allison Hurley 

Susan Kellam 

Heather Kierson 

Jenny Klopman 



Angela Lawhome 
Gina Lawrimore 
Cabel Lemmond 
Daniel Lynn 

Caroline Marriott 
Kathy Mauermann 
Anne Mills 
Helen Muccitelli 

Jennifer O'Quinn 
Amy Peebles 
Sabrina Rakes 
Michelle Robertson 

Beth Simons 
Kristen Vilseck 
Gerri Whittaker 
Suzanne Willett 

Sara Williamson 
Beverly Wilson 
Lori Wilt 


the bridge. 

Robin Desenberger and Wendy Jamison playing 
pool in the Chute. 




I aass of 1993 

Junko Akai 

Ashley Anderson 

Shiho Aoki 

Mary Alice Bomar 

Staci Buford 

Ellen Butler 

Stephanie Campbell 

Bekah Conn 

Terri Dersch 

Satoko Ebara 

Heidi Gangsei 

Jean Gatje 

Vera Gebran 

Brittney Hall 

Jen Harris 

Christyn Hawkins 

Letitia Hemdon 

Laura Hill 

Trish Hylton 

Stephanie lies 

Shana Kabila 
Kelly Kennaly 


Amy Kellam 
Leigh Klotzberger 
Xing Ku 
Mary James 

Cherly Jones 
Donna Jones 
Clarissa Lara 
Elizabeth Layne 

Melanie Lowe 
Karin Lovelace 
Renae Marcom 
Jackie McFaden 

Kate Mills 
Emily Oehler 
Tomomi Ohtsuka 
Kelly Paul 

Lynne Peto 
Traver Purtill 
Milli Raynor 
Carmen Rodriguez 

Sharon Scott 
Liz Smith 


Amy Stinnett 

Lesley Topping 

Eriko Ueda 

Veronica Vicente 

Yoyoi Yumen 





■• CCass of 1992 


Julie Paige Adams 
Richmond, Virginia 

Nesrin Aftab 
Meerut, India 

Renee Ann Auger 
Winter Park, Florida 

56 Seniors 

Jane Gillette Balfour 

Sharon Lynn Bee 
Leesburg, Virginia 

Leslie Bolen 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

Treasure every moment warmed by 
friendship, for more and more my 
heart has come to learn how 
precious are the gifts of 
understanding, of thoughtfuiness 
and mutual concern, how precious 
are the ties of love and caring that 
weave our separate lives so close 
together... Amanda Bradley 

Seniors 57 

Jessica Ann Booth 
Ashland, Virginia 

Jennifer L. Bradly 

Business Administration, 

Accounting and Management 

Do not be anxious about anything, but 
in everything, by prayer and petition, 

with thanksgiving, present your 
requests to God. And the peace of God, 

which transcends all understanding, 

will guard your hearts and your minds 

in Christ Jesus. Phil. 4:6-7 

Julie R. Brenner 

58 Seniors 

Laura Spencer Bresee 
Charlottesville, Virginia 

Kimberly Dean Brinkley 
Suffolk, Virginia 

Mary Lloyd Broughton 
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Twenty years from now you will be 
more disappointed by the things you 
didn't do than by the ones you did do. 
So throw off the bowlines. Sail away 
from the safe harbor. Catch the trade 
winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. 
Discover. H. Jackson Brown, Jr. 

Seniors 59 

Katherine Edenton Brown 
Oakton, Virginia 

Kristi Lynn Brown 
Fredericksburg, Virginia 

Mary V. Cocke 


60 Seniors 

Kristin Diane Collins 
Manassas, Virginia 
Communications/ Media 
Writing/ Public Relations 
Yesterday is always near, its 
memories live inside me with joys 
that still can warm my heart and 
lessons that still guide me. Yet 
tomorrow always beckons, and its 
promise can inspire new efforts to 
achieve and grow, to aim forever 
high. Amanda Bradley 

Amy Beth Creekmore 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Laura Anne Creswell 
Douglassville, Pennsylvania 

Seniors 61 

Alitia C. Cross 
West Hartford, Connecticut 

Lisa Maria Dickerson 
Fort Worth, Texas 

Angela H. Edwards 
Calhoun, Georgia 

There are more things in heaven 
and earth, Horatio, than are 
dreamt of in your philosophy. 
Hamlet in Hamlet , Act I, Scene 5 

But Mona Lisa musta had the 
highway blues -You can tell by the 
way she smiles...Bob Dylan, 
"Visions of Johanna" 

62 Seniors 

Christina Lara Erard 
Fredericksburg, Virginia 

Sarah T. Eschinger 
Annapolis, Maryland 

One wonders what would happen 
in a society in which there were no 
rules to break. Doubtless everyone 
would die of boredom. Susan 

You will do foolish things, but do 
them with enthusiam. Colette 
To my roommate "fiddle": Only 
the good die young. Billy Joel 

Debra F. Feigin 
Houston, Texas 

Seniors 63 

Mary E. Gorcys 
Grafton, Virginia 

Stephanie A. Greenwell 
Lexington, Kentucky 

Amy L. Guffey 
Verona, Virginia 

That what you do for yourself dies 
with you, but that what you do for 
others Hves on and is immortal. 
- Anonymous 

64 Seniors 

Anne Herrick Hanson 


Newport Beach, California 

But friendship is precious, not only 
in the shade, but in the sunshine of 
life, and...the greater part of life is 
Thomas Jefferson 

Lara Ashley Hicks 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Chika Hirota 
Mimatojima Chuo-Ku, Japan 

Seniors 65 

Candace Rebecca Hite 
Buena Vista, Virginia 

Heatiier Lynn Jackson 
Huntington, West Virginia 

Christina Jane Karseras 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 

66 Seniors 


^ 4^1 


Teresa A. Kibler 
Woodstock, Virginia 

If it should happen that your 
dreams are shattered, do not be 
afraid. Have the courage to pick up 
the pieces and smile at the world. 
For dreams that are easily 
shattered can just as easily be 
rebuilt. - Anonymous 

Julia Sherman King 
Staunton, Virginia 

There is a funny old saying, one 
that says, "If you don't ride a 
bicycle, you don't fall off! "...If you 
don't put a lot of energy into 
something, you are bound to make 
mistakes; and if you take a lot of 
risks, you are bound to tumble here 
and try, and do, and 
discover all you can be. 

Michiko Kitamura 
Nara, Japan 

Seniors 67 

Gergana G. Korudanova 
Plovdiv, Bulgaria 

Julie J. Lejeune 
LaPlata, Maryland 

Melanie Elizabeth Madison 
Chester, Virginia 

68 Seniors 

Nancy Christina McClellan 
Prince George, Virginia 

Whatever you can do, or dream you 
can do, begin it. Boldness has 
genius, power and magic in it. 

Tonya Elaine McDowell 
Clarksville, Virginia 

Wendy Michelle Moore 
Staunton, Virginia 

Seniors 69 

Mayumi Morita 
Wakayama, Japan 

Jules Anne Moss 
Anniston, Alabama 

Abbie Nash Mullen 
Dallas, Texas 

70 Seniors 

Yoko Muramatsu 
Tokyo, Japan 

Helen Hardie Nalty 
New Orleans, Louisana 

The only way to have a friend is to 
be one. Hitch your wagon to a star. 
Ralph Waldo Emerson 
Happiness isn't something you 
experience; it's something you 
remember. Oscar Levant 

Chrystel Marie Nelson 
New York, New York 

Seniors 71 

Doan-Chau Phuc Nguyen 
Chesapeake, Virginia 

Susan Margaret O'Donnell 
Marietta, Ohio 

Yuka Ogawa 
Tokyo, Japan 

72 Seniors 

Azumi Okada 
Osaka, Japan 

Sara Katherine Palmer 
Quinton, Virginia 

Sarah Paige Pemberton 
Midlothian, Virginia 

I thought I could, I thought I could, 

I thought I could... 

from The Little Engine that Could 

Seniors 73 

Ann Marie Page Pendleton 
Wytheville, Virginia 

Evi-Luise Pover 
Arlington, Virginia 

Aimee Leah Ray 
Midlothian, Virginia 

74 Seniors 




Asako Satomi 
Charlottesville, Virginia 

Mary Paula Satterfield 
It is the teacher's 
sympathy, by example, and by 
every means of influence- by the 
objects for the senses, by facts for 
intelligence- to excite the mind of 
pupils, to stimulate their 
thoughts...The greatest of teachers 
said "the seed is the word." The 
true teacher stirs the ground and 
sows the seed. John Milton 

Susan Winn Seamster 
Lunenburg, Virginia 

Seniors 75 

Alison Marie Shiprek 
Prospect, Kentucky 

Rebecca Ann Still 
Hampton, Virginia 

Anne Carlton Stone 
Martinsville, Virginia 

Recall the days by friends, not 
years. Remember your life by 
smiles, not tears. Look at every 
decision with the attitude that there 
is no such thing as a mistake, just 
another opportunity for you to 
learn and to grow. 

76 Seniors 

Laurel Seyma Suberk 
Staunton, Virginia 

Carroll Wilson Suggs 
Metairie, Louisiana 
My cradle squeaked when I was a 
baby, so my mother called me 
Squeaky. CWS 

Whether I laugh or smile or run 
around and play I will always 
remember you throughout every 
long day. I live for your memory 
and will cherish it forever for the 
days we had together were the best 
days ever! 

Kathryn Lee Taylor 
Newport News, Virginia 

Seniors 77 

Tiffany Marshall Taylor 


Goldsboro, North Carolina 

A beautiful creature was held back 
by a glass wall; It was afraid to fly, 
afraid it might fall. ..But then one 
day it found the faith to give it a 
try. It spread out its wings, and 
began to fly. Jodie Helser 

Nancy Cornelia Thackston 

Business Administration, 

Accounting and Management 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Time- our youth- it never really 
goes, does it? It is all held in our 
minds. Helen Hoover Santmyer 
...that is the best- to laugh with 
someone because you both think the 
same things are funny. Gloria 

Sarah Chandler Turner 
Demopolis, Alabama 

78 Seniors 

1 >^ 

Stephanie Lee Tyler 
Lancaster, Pennsylania 

Carol Lynn Vest 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Talley Whittington Warner 
Lookout Mountain, Georgia 

Seniors 79 

Olivia Hope Williams 
Victoria, Virginia may be disappointed if you 
fail, but you're doomed if you don't 
try. Beverly Sills 

The moment is only temporary, but 
the memories are forever. Anony- 

Robin Lynn Wilson 
Ronceverte,West Virginia 

Joanna Barringer Wood 
Newnan, Georgia 

80 Seniors 

Chiaki Yamazaki 
Tokyo, Japan 

Kathryn L. Zimmerman 

Mathematics/Computer Science 

Springfield, Virginia 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I 
- 1 took the one lesss traveled by. 
And that has made all the difference. 
Before I built a wall I'd ask to know What 
I was walling in or walling out. 
And to whom I was hke to give offense. 
Something there is that doesn't love a wall. 
That wants it down. Robert Frost 

Seniors 81 

Lori Ann Atkins 


Norfolk, Virginia 

The more passion and imagination 
a person lias-consequently, the 
closer [she] is in possibility to being 
able to believe, to humbling 
[herself] in adoration under the 
extraordinary... Soren Kierkegaard 

Marguerite Dinkins Carter 
New Orleans, Louisiana 

Alicia Hill 
Richmond, Virginia 

On to some bright future 


Down a road to a place unknown 

Sending postcards when we get 


Where ever it is we'll get there 

we're going. 


82 Seniors 

Elizabeth Anne Keplinger 
Canton, Ohio 

...Fame, fame, fatal fame 

it can play hideous tricks on the 

brain but still I'd rather be famous 

than righteous or holy, any day... 

IViva la Vida! 

The Smiths 

Wendy Klich 
Newport News, Virginia 

Anne McDaniel 
Sociology /Education 
Midlothian, Virginia 

And in the sweetness of friendship 

let there be laughter, and sharing of 


Kahlil Gibran 

Don't forget to stop and smell the 


Seniors 83 

Michelle Elizabeth Osbourn 
Greenville, South Carolina 

Today a new sun rises for me; 
everything lives, everything is 
animated, everything seems to speak 
to me of my passion, everything 
invites me to cherish it... Anne de 

We must begin to change ourselves 
before we can change the world. 
Petra Kelly 

Barbara Elizabeth Austin 


Advertising/Public Relations 

Petersburg, Virginia 

Friends are the essence of my 
memories, memories are the essence 
of my life. 

Heather Melinda Rosemond 
Richmond, Virginia 

"The only way to have a friend is 

be one." 

Ralph Waldo Emerson 

84 Seniors 

Erin Harney Rowe 
Richmond, Virginia 

All's well that ends well! 
Thanks to Mom, Dad, and all 

Angela Staats 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Lee Bristow Wallace 
Richmond, Virginia 

For without words in friendship, all 

desires, all Expectations are born 

and shared, with joy that is 


-The Prophet, Kahlil Gibran 

Seniors 85 

Wendy Jane Wooden 
Birmingham, Virginia 

Joy Bigaike 


Vienna, Virginia 

We shall not cease from exploration 
and the end of all our exploring will 
be to arrive where we started and 
know the place for the first time. 
T.S. Eliot 

Babs Hierle 

Special love and thanks to my 
parents who gave me the wonderful 
gift of education at MBC, and HLH 
who helped me choose to major in 
Communications. ...To all those I 
left behind-you'll never meet 
another Babs! I'm outa here! 
"After all, tomorrow is another 
day." Scarlett O'Hara 

Kristi Michelle Coleman 
Martinsville, Virginia 

Sometimes the heart sees what is 

invisible to the eye. 

H. Jackson Brown, Jr. 

No Failure is ever final-nor is any 


Janie Hoover 

To my roonimates...You have been the best 
roommates possible. We experienced great times 
together like our polyester party. Foxfield, 
Christmas parties, and our weekend bashes. You 
each have a special place in my heart. We came 
together to live as friends and we are leaving 
taking a part of each other with us. We will be 
living in different cities and some in different 
states but we will always remain close friends. "We , 
laughed until we had to cry and we loved right ^ 

down to our last goodbye". -Anonymous 

86 Seniors 

Mary Hughes 

Somewhere along the line of 
development we discover what we 
really are and then we make our real 
decision for which we are responsible. 
Make that decision primarily for 
yourself because you can never really 
live anyone else's life not even your 
child's. The influence you exert is 
through your own life and what you 
become yourself. Eleanor Roosevelt 

Abbie Rhoades 
Laughter is the sun that drives 
winter from the human face. 
Victor Hugo 

A true friend is the greatest of all 

Due De La Rochefoucauld 
There is only one success- to spend 
your life in your own way. 
Christopher Morley 
Graduation is a wonderful feather 
to put in your cap. Dad 

Mary Megan Smithdeal 
Chester, Virginia 

Then I heard the voice the Lord 
saying, "Whom shall I send? And 
who will go for us?" And I said, 
"Here am L Send me!" Isaiah 6:8 

Brenda A. Rabenau 
Business Administration/ 
Computer Information 
People come and go, but the 
impression they have made upon us 
will last forever. 
I always felt that the great high 
privilege, relief and comfort of 
friendship was that one had to 
explain nothing. Katherine 

Tracey Ann Ruder 
Midlothian, Virginia 

Here on earth I'll have my cake. 

Gonna eat it too, make no mistake 

'Cause if its a question of to be or 

not to be 

I'll put my boots on and go see what 

I can see. 

Crash Test Dummies 

Karen Michele Wood 
Eastville, Virginia 

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me 
happy. Sunshine in my eyes can make me 
cry. Sunshine on the water looks so lovely. 
Sunshine almost always makes me high. 
If I had a tale that I could tell you- I'd tell 
a tale sure to make you smile. If I had a 
wish that I could wish for you- I'd make a 
wish the sunshine all the while. Sunshine 
on my shoulders makes me happy... J. 

Seniors 87 


Graduation 1992 




Graduation 1992 











Rachel Alexander 
Mary Beth Butler 
Allie Compton 
Alison Coyner 
Michelle Deal 
Meg Gralia 
Sam Grant 
Mahlet Hiruy 

Manager: Ann Stone 

Wendy Klich 
Trish Linehan 
Danette Luna 
Lane McLeod 
Helen Nalty 
Jen Stearns 
Suniah Tahboub 
Kathryn Wildt 

Coach: Lisa Milliken 






Ann Beard 

Taunya Roberson 

Paula Bush 

Meg Sales 

Laura Dove 

Lea Taylor 

Lori Harris 

Nancy Thackston 

Julie King 

Amy Williams 

Michelle Lawrence 



Spalding | 

Manager: Sarah Butler 




^^2 R©f ^^^^ 


Ann Beard Lane McLeod 

Carla Custis Mayumi Morita 

Sam Grant Meg Sales 

Kristine Kokie Beverly Wilson 

Coach: Tim Crawford 
Manager: Kim Campbell 
Statstician: Inga Kearney 
Trainer: Johanna Sowder 




991=1992 Eoster 

Ashley Anderson Sara Knowles 

Rachel Blevins Dawn Pattarini 

Christina Buckley Anne Scott 

Genie Gratto Julia Shugart 

Amy Guffey 

Coach: Mary Ann Kasselmann 



f' ^ 

it. f^ 






Lee Addison 
Blair Bones 
Bekah Conn 
Jen Cornelius 
Laura Cross 
Jen Harris 
Melissa Hodges 
Tootsie Jeffers 
Liz Lawson 

Coach: Kathy McCleaf 
Asst. Coach: Kathy Stevens 
Manager: Paula Bush 

Gina Lorenzin 
Sydney McCown 
Lane McLeod 
Helen Muccitelli 
Anu Naidu 
Cynthia Stevens 
Noshua Watson 
Kathryn Widlt 







Julie Adams 

Julie Adams 

Yuka Ogawa 

Leigh Lanier 

Shannon Ripley 

Mary Morrison 

Kimberly Satchel! 

Yuka Ogawa 

Beth Simons 

Kim Satchell 

Veronica Vicente 

Beth Simons 

Kelly Whitley 

Lee Thompson 

Ashley Wilson 

Kelly Whitley 

Ashley Wilson 


Glen Eastridge 













Ann Beard 
Alicia Bradford 
Carla Custis 
Jennifer Goetz 
Susan Kellam 

Sheri Moore 
Taunya Roberson 
Tammy Sission 
Beverly Wilson 

Coach: Ann Stone 


(top) Renei 
Brown applies 
make-up on Kat 
Carter as she 
anxiously awaits 
her date for 
Signature Ball, 
(right) Frazzled 
after a long day, 
Sarah Butler can 
hardly wait for 
the weekend. 


Residence Life 

{top) Leigh Lanier and Kimberly 
Peterson : Siamese twins. Can you 
get any closer? 

(left) Who is this? It's Ashley 
Anderson in disguise. 


Executive Committee 

President Karen Wood 

Vice President, Senate Nancy Thacivston 

Secretary Trish Hylton 

Treasurer Robin Wilson 

Honor Council. Chairwoman 

Stephanie Leftwich 
Judicial Board. Chairwoman 

Bekah Conn 
House Presidents" Council. Chairwoman 

Brittney Hall 

Judicial Board 

Bekah Conn 
Kristin Collins 
Michelle Allen 
Kim Fisher 
Mary Hamilton 
Kelly Kennaly 

Meg Klutt 

Marilyn Mildre' 

Tracey Rudei 

Cas Schwab 

Sarah Shelo 

Squeaky Sugg 

Kimberly Wood 

House Presidents 

Honor Council 

Stephanie Leftwich 
Buffy DeBreaux 
Amy Guffey 
Laura Fisher 
Merritt Gibbons 
Genie Gratto 

Jen Harris 
Amy Peebles 
Tiffany Taylor 
Renee Roberts 
Rebecca Still 
Kristin Kokie 
Emily Oehler 

Brittney Hall 
Susan Albanowski 
Kristi Brown 
Amy Burroughs 
Jen Carmean 
Trisha Clardy 
Amy Clark 
Jodie Florence 
Mary Nell Starling 

Francie Huffstetle 

Jo Tim 

Jennifer Lee Jone 

Inga Kearne 

Liz Lawso 

Jules Mos 

Loren Nicholi 

Jenny O'Quini 

Mary Helen Roac 

SGA Appointments 

Advisory Board of Visitors. Ciiairwoman 
Sarah Esciiinger 

Board of Appeals, Chairwoman 

Susan O'Donnell 

Parliamentarian Lisa Nichols 

Student Activities Board Programmer 
Francie Huffstetler 

Senate Co-Chairs 

Academic Affairs 

Dana Ailsworth. Michelle Peters 

Melody Twigg, Sara Knowles 
Campus Environment 

Sabrina Rakes. Dori Akerman 
Career and Life Planning 

Polly Satterfield. Tiffany Taylor 
Constitutional Revisions 

Sarah Eschinger. Susan Albanowski 
Food Service 

Nikki Fisher. Camille Shearouse 

mtim ■■if* 




Resident Advisors 
Co-Ciiairwoman: Ann Pendleton 
Lori Broglio 
Dana Fugazzatto 
Brooke Gamett 
Mary Beth Gorcys 
Bahs Hoerle 
Kate DeJamette 
Catherine Odom 
Susan Seamster 
Jackie McFaden 
Sara Knowles 
Jen Klopman 
Jenn Poliitt 

Class Officers 
Senior Class 

President-Debbie Feigin (resigned 3/92) 
Vice President-Julie King (president 3-3/92) 
Secretary- Julie Adams 
Treasurer- Alicia Bradford 

Junior Class 
President-Staci Buford 
Vice President-Anu Naidu 
Secretary-Stephanie lies 
Treasurer-Carmen Rodriguez 

Sophomore Class 
President-Christina Buckley 
Vice President-Leah Daike 
Secretary-Heather Hill 
Treasurer-Tricia Hobson 

Freshman Class 
President-Sonya Lenahan 
Vice President-Gamett Clymer 
Secretary-Amy Galvin 
Treasurer-Kat Carter 





" , 

cm ~ 







Bliiestocking - MBC's Yearbook; Editors-Helen Muccitelli and Allie Compton 

Campus Comments - MBC's Student Newspaper; Editor- Memtt Gibbons; Advisors- Jeff Overholtzer 

& Dr. William DeLeeuw 

Miscellany - MBC's Literary and Arts Publication; Editor -Dustin Wells; Advisor -Joe Garrison 

Student Handbook - Editor -Jen Hanis 

Political Interest Groups 

Young Democrats - Students learn about and participate in politics, conventions, rallies and social 
activities with political clubs at surrounding colleges. 

College Republicans - Students learn about and participate in politics, conventions, rallies and social 
activities with political clubs at surrounding colleges. 
Chairwoman -Renee Clark 

Community Service Groups 

Anmesty International (MBC Campus Chapter) - Devoted to the protection of human rights. Campus 
groups work on behalf of individual "prisoners of conscience" (those imprisoned for nonviolent 
expression of their beliefs) while educating their campus community on human rights. 

Chairwoman -Pearl Albino; Advisor -Gordon Bowen 
Baldwin Boosters - Students participate in activities to promote the College image to prospective 
students, parents, and alumnae. 

Co-Chairwomen -Wendy Klich and Suniah Tahboub 
Circle K - Works with groups like Special Olympics, Christian Children's Fund, local schools, 
literacy, etc. 

President -Susan O'Donnell; Advisor -Diane Kent 

Interest Groups 

American Chemical Society - Students interested in chemistry or related disciplines have the 
opportunity to participate in educational and social functions. 

President -Paula Bush; Advisor -Elizabeth Hairfield 
ACTS ( Association for Christian Thought and Service) - An interdenominational group which seeks 
to nurture the spiritual development of its members and provide a caring fellowship. 

Co-Chairwomen -Dana Fugazzoto and Anne Coghill; Advisor -Patricia Hunt 
Club Sports - Provides an opportunity for any group interested in a particular sport to have a club 

Chairwoman -Beverly Wilson; Advisor -Betty Kegley 
College Life - The collegiate extension of Young Life offers group activities with MBC students and 
with students from surrounding colleges. 

Chairwoman -Lisa Nichols; Advisor -Dr. James Oilman 
Conuuuter Students' Association - Composed of students who commute to MBC daily. It helps 
commuting students become better acquainted with MBC and other students. 

President -Leigh Jennings; Advisor -Marit)n Ward 


COSMOS : International Club - An organization for international students and students interested in 
international affairs. 

Chairwomen -Nesrin Aftab and Mary Yonker 
Apine Arts Association - Students develop an appreciation of the arts and humanities through activities 
such as trips to Washington, D.C. and New York City. 

Co-Chairwomen -Laura Creswell and Angela Edwards ; Advisor -Marlena Hobson 
Minority Women in Unity - This organization promotes minority awareness by sponsoring on-campus 
activities and activities with the Black Student Alliance of Central Virginia. 

President -Dee Dee Sullivan; Advisor -Dr. Edward Scott 
Phi Beta Lamlxla - This organization gives students a better understanding of the free enterprise 
system and the business world. 

Advisors -Gordon Hammock & Bruce Hieneman 
Pre-Law Society - For students interested in careers in the field of law. 

Chairwoman -Erin Rowe; Advisor -Dr. David Mason 
Women in Communications. Inc. 

Advisor -Shirley Rawley 
Student Alumnae Partnership - Chairwoman -Beth Palk ; Advisor -Harriet Runkle 


BACCHUS -Boost Alcohol Consciousness Concerning the Health of University Students. 

Chairwoman-Kristin Collins 

Advisor-Marsha Mays 
Big Sisters-Designed to provide each new student with an upperclass friend. 

Co-Chairwomen-Belynda Philips, Elizabeth Smith and Amy Burroughs 

Advisor-Marsha Mays 
Baldwin Program fi^>(^/;-c/-Chairwoman-Wendy Wooden 

1. Communitx Involvement- /Kc\s as a liasion between Mary Baldwin College and the Staunton 

community. Chairwoman-Sarah Turner 

2. Cultural Activities-Y'Xans cultural events of interest both on and off campus. 

Chairwoman-Sue Scherff 

3. Outdoor P///-.s7(/r.s-Plans physical activities both on and off campus. 

Chairwoman-Lacy Ellett 

4. Social Committee-Plans social events of interest to students. 

Co-Chairwomen-Amy Burroughs and Elizabeth Smith 
Intramurals-Prov'ide the opportunity for each student to participate either as player or spectator in a 
variety of sports activities. 

Advisor-Sharon Spalding 
Or;V/!/<:///V>/;-Co-Chairwomen-Dana Ailsworth and Kim Fisher 
5///\C-Student Health Advisory Committee Chairwoman- Amy Guffey, Advisor-Jane Caplen 










■ ^ 






g5f^ ■" 





kX>* J 



f u^ 




Abeysuriya. Milanga 
37 Wickramasinghepura 
Battaramulla Sri Lanka 

Abshire. Donetta Jozet 
Rt. 1, Box 33 A 
Crimora. Virginia 

Adagala, Yvonne Kageha 
po box 58699 
Nairobi Kenya 

Adams, Elizabeth Ruth 
3625 Greenbrier 
Dallas TX 75225 

Adams, Helen Brooke 


The Plains V A 22171 


Adams, Julie Paige 
1007 Foxcroft Road 
Richmond VA 23229 

Addison, Marion Lee 
3 Tapoan Road 
Richmond VA 23226 
(8(M) 285-2816 

Aftab, Nesrin 
107. Kothi Atanas 
Meerut 250002 UP India 

Ailsworth, Dana Elizabeth 
P O. Box 208 
Keysville VA 23947 

Akerman. Dorian 
4063 Aha Vista 
KnoxvilleTN 37919 

Albanimski, Susan 


401 Diamond Avenue 

Rocky Mount VA 2415! 


Albino, Peari Cariynn 
69 Fairmont Drive 
Somerville NJ 08876 

Alburger, Joy Marie 
260 River Road, Wes( 

Alexander, Rachel AUine 
po Box 243 
White Marsh, Virgu)ia 
23 1 83 

Allen, Michele Lee 

1 1 70 C Elm Tree Terrace 



Allman, Margaret 
3657 Stratford 
Dallas TX 75205 

Anderson. Ashley Renee 
2005 Pleasant Hill Drive 
Pulaski V A 24301 

Andrews, Christina Marie 
37 Marilynn Road 
Scott Depot WV 25560 

Anzai, Kumi 
501-2 Kaneda Atsugi 
Kanagavva Japan 

Aoki, Shiho 
5433 Nozumi 
Niigata 940-25 Japan 

Arbaugh, Tracey Lynn 
P. O. Box 2072 
Waynesboro VA 22980 

Arias. Jennifer Lan 
1416 Laurel View Dnve 
Virginia Beach. Virginia 
2345 1 

Armentrout. Crystal Dawn 
1 1 7 Eraser Lane 
Staunton VA 2440 1 

Armstrong. Kimberiy Steel 
1001 Caroline Street 
Winchester V A 22601 

Ashmore. Margaret Blain 
200 Blackland Road. NW 
Atlanta GA 30342 
(404) 237-2979 

Atkins. Lori Ann 
682 1 Gardner Drive 
Norfolk V A 23518 

Auger. Renee Ann 
945 Lakeview Drive 
Winter Park FL 32789 

Austell. Anna Knibb 
1762 Englewood Drive 
Staunton, Virginia 24401 

Ayyildiz. Karen Perihan 
4930 Hunting Hills Circle 
Roanoke, Virginia 24014 

Bagri, Sonali 
504 Niharika 
17/lC AliporeRoad 
Calcutta 700027 India 

Baker, Caria Necole 
5 1 9 Lupton Road 
Woodstock, V,^ 22664 

Baker, Nicole M. 
2620 Christopher Place 
Galveston TX 77550 

Balfour, Jane Gillette 
2 1 1 Ralston Road 
Richmond VA 23229 

Ballance, Carol Katherine 
3891 Fairfax Coun, NW 
Atlanta GA 30339 

Barrett, Robin Michelle 
1900 North Hills Drive 
Bedford VA 24523 

Bartsch, Erica Lynn 
11725 Dewberry Lane 
Chester, VA 2383 1 

Baxley, Janina Joyce 
306 Erwin Drive 
Plaqueniine LA 70764 

Beard, Ann Marie 
P O Box 157 
Boyce VA 22620 

Bee, Sharon Lynn 
Route 4, Box 361 
Leesburg VA 22075 

Bernard, Jennifer Lee 
24237 Ann's Cove Road 
Bloxom,Va 23.308 

Bevan, Noel Taylor 
2115 Bayberry Street 
Virginia Beach VA 2.3451 

Bigalke. Joy- Marie 
302 Valeview Court 
Vienna VA 22180 

Biggs. Jeanne Carol 
P O. Box 136 
Wicomico VA 23184 

Birmingham. Julie 


5201 Patterson Avenue 

Richmond VA 23226 


Black. Janice Houston 
Route 3. Box 1 83 
Lexington VA 24450 

Blackwell. Terri O'Geary 
Saxe.VA 23967 

Blevins. Rachel Christine 
Rt.2. Box 209-L 
Blackstone VA 23824 

Bolen. Katherine Louise 

6216 Lenox Court 
Oklahoma City OK 731 18 
(405) 843-7533 

Bolen. Leslie Allen 

6217 Claridge Court 
Oklahoma City OK 731 18 

Bomar. Mary Alice 
6310 Hwy 64 East 

Booth. Jessica Ann 
1013 S. Center Street 
Ashland VA 23005 

Bowles. Eli/aheth Boxley 
10917 Timbermill Court 
Oakton VA22124 
(703) 62(J- -3874 

Bower, Sonya Elizabeth 
2207 Bare Street 
S(aunIon VA24401 

Bradford, Alisa Danielle 
1225 Greenwood Drive 
Danville VA 24540 

Bradley, Jennifer Lynn 
408 College Drive 
Franklin VA 23851 

Brandon, Elizabeth Alice 
1407 Pleasant View Street 
Staunton V A 24401 

Brashear, Mclanie Lee 
35 15 Coronado Drive 
Louisville KY 40241 

Braxton, Sara Michelle 
9402 Rhonda Drive 
Richmond VA 23229 

Brenner, Julie Renee 
4908 Casimir Street 
Annandale VA 22003 

Bresee, Laura Spencer 
1209 Wertland Street 
."Apartment 32 1 
Chariottesville VA 22903 

Brinkley. Kimberiy Dean 
2922 Godwin Boulevard 
Suffolk VA 23434 

Brock. Craig Stiegel 
102 Garbers Road 
Harrisonburg V A 22801 

Brockwell, Andrea Lynn 
1106 Waterford Drive 
Richmond VA 23229 

Broglio, Lori Lee 
1 37 Lick Branch Road 
Bristol TN 37620 

Brolsma, Carrie E 
Route 2, Box 67 A 
Greenville WV 24945 

Broughton. Mary Lloyd 
34(X) Landor Road 
Raleigh NC 27609 

Brown. Julie Annette 
.^6l5HoneyhillDr. SE 
Cedar Rapids lA 52403 

Brown. Katherine Edenton 
10524 Elmsway Court 
Oakton V A 22124 

Brown, Kristi Lynn 
14 Aiken Road 
Fredericksburg VA 22405 

Brown. Renei Monique 
6211 Manor Road. #131 
Austin TX 78723 

Brown, Summer Lyn 
728 Ravenel Road 
Augusta GA 30909 

Bruney, Lindsay McCurdy 
1 25 1 5 Paradise Spring Rd. 
Clifton VA 22024 
(703) 8.30- .3777 

Brunson, Laura 

275 McKinney Town 


North East MD 21901 


Br>anl. Davida Dawn 
1844 North Talbott 
Waynesboro VA 22980 

Buck. Cameron Christine 

800 East Ocean Bhd. 


Long Beach CA 90802 


Buckley, Cristina Mane 
9301 Swinburne Court 
Fairfax VA 22031 


Buford. Staci Danelle 
19535 Deer Park Avenue 
Baton Rouge LA 708 1 7 

Bunch. Robin Elaine 
P. O. Box 244 
Stanardsville VA 22973 
(804) 985-6240 

Burden. Mary Elizabeth 
Rt.l Box 497 
CoebumVA 24230 

Burke. Carrie Dickson 
2229 Acacia Drive 
Wilmington NC 28403 

Burks. Teresa Faye 
Route I, Box 168 
Glasgow VA 24555 

Burress. Jennifer Louise 
3849 Boswonh Dri\ e 
Roanoke VA 24014 

Burroughs. Amelia 


479 Plymouth Avenue 

Winston-Salem NC 27104 


Bush. Paula Michele 
244 Windemere Way 
Jonesboro GA 30236 
(404) 477-2075 

Bushman. Anne Mowry 
905 Jonathon Street 
Woodstock VA 22664 

Butler. Anne Ellen 
P. O. Box 68 
Lawrenceville VA 23868 
(S()4) 848-2913 

Butler. Mary Elizabeth 
po Box 68 
Gloucester V A 23061 

Bu/bee. Margaret Scott 
2312 Woodlawn Blvd. 
Austin TX 78703 

Call. Ashley Suzanne 
1 1 1 MillstoneDnve 
Verona VA 244S2 

Campbell. Jane Smith 
60()7Whi(e Bridge Road 
Waynesboro VA 22980 

Campbell. Kimberly 


2604 Carrington Drive 



Campbell. Stephanie Rene 
Route 3. Box 141 
Afton VA 22920 
(7(J3) 456-82 17 

Cantrell. Caren Elaine 
803 Maryland A\enue 
HarAede Grace MD 21078 

Cargain. Michele Jo 
RD 3. Box 529 
Merwin Road 
ValatieNY 12184 
(518) .W2-4710 

Carmen. Jennifer Lynne 
6350 Snow Hill Road 
Snow Hill MD 21863 

Carroll. Mary Margaret 
505 Columbia Drive 
Decatur GA 30030 
(404) 378-5697 

Carter. Katheryn Marissa 
PO Box 98 
Hampton VA 23669 

Carter, Marguerite Dinkins 
5 1 8 Walnut Street 
New Orleans LA 701 18 

Case. Pamela Susan 
P.O.Box 146 
Canada KY 41519 

Cherry. Eura Annetta 
Rt.4 Box 370 
WindsorNC 27983 

Chismer. Carolyn 
123 Samuel Sharpe 
Williamsburg VA 23185 

Chodan. Anneke Jennifer 
Rl.l Box 462 
Rome NY 13440 

Choy. Jin 

No. 74-304. Hyundai-apt 


Kangnam-ku. Seoul 

South Korea 

Christie. Rebecca Sophia 
17 Stoneridge Circle 
Durham NC27705 

Chu. Rose S. 
3186 Wan-en Road 
Cleveland OH 441 II 

Cibildak. Ayten 

914 Everest 

San Antonio TX 78209 


Clardy. Cherie Dawn 
Rt.2 Box 380 
Axton VA 24054 

Clardy. Tricia Denise 

310 Saybrooke View 


Gaithersburg MD 20877 


Clark. Amy Elizabeth 
1 30 Shannon Parkw ay 
Nicholasville KY 40356 
(606) 885-6795 

Clark. Renee Yvette 
General Delivery 
Mint Springs VA 24463 

Clatterbuck. Sarah 
350 Shady Acres Drive 
Elkton VA 22827 

Clymer. Gameit Carter 
2019 Berkley Drive 
Wichitta Falls TX 76308 

Cocke. Mary Virginia 
5000 New Haven 
Memphis TN 38117 

Coghill. Anne St. Clair 
316 Dick Ewell Avenue 
Colonial Heights VA 

Cohran. Leigh Ann 
344 N Main Street 
Stuarts Draft VA 24477 

Coleman. Kristi Michelle 
Route 9. Box 354 

Martinsville VA 241 12 

Collins. Kristin Diane 
8622 Hollowbrook Way 
Manassas VA 221 10 

Compton. Allison Lynn 
71 16 Three Chopt Road 
Richmond. Virginia 23226 

Compton. Kelli Louise 
Route 1. Box 971 
Mount Olivet Road 
Martinsville VA 241 12 

Condron. Molly Patricia 
11812 Clara Way 
Fairfax Station VA 22039 

Conly. Jennifer Jean 
c/o John M. Barwick 
4807 Scoulers Circle 
Chesterfield VA 23842 

Conn. Rebekah Louise 
1324 South Second Street 
Louisville KY 40208 

Connell. Elizabeth 


235 Frederick Street 

Staunton V A 24401 


Cook. Ashley Elizabeth 
1478 Edwards Street 
Huntington WV 25701 
(304) 525-9520 

Cornelius. Jennifer Susan 
2816 Still Leaf Lane 
Ellicott City MD 21042 

Comwell. Cynthia Marie 

1 1 700 Prince George 


Disputanta VA 23842 

Costanzo. Shanen Riley 
4350 Still Waters Drive 
Merritt Island FL 32952 
(4(J7) 453-6077 

Couret. Mignon 


7928 Oak Street 

New Orleans LA 701 18 

Cox. Mary Rebekah 
P. O. Box 306 
Monterey VA 24465 

Coyner. Alison Rebecca 
3701 Traylor Drive 
Richmond VA 23235 

Crackel. Erin Elise 



Clifton Forge VA 24426 


Craft. Constance Elizabeth 
P.O. Box 1 344 
Wise VA 24293 

Craig. Stacy Denise 

Rt 1 Box 185 

Buena Vista VA 24416 

Creekmore. Amy Beth 
1 1 23 Little Neck Road 
Virginia Beach VA 23452 

Creswell. Laura Anne 
1 16 Redwood Drive 
Douglassville PA 19518 

Crim. Jolyn Almand 
713 Woodland Hills 
Tyler TX 75701 

Crockett. Suzanna Paige 
503 Greenacres Road 
Bristol VA 24201 

Cross. Alitia C. 

1 1 High Farms Road 

West Hartford CN 06107 

Cross. Laura Kelly 
1913 Chatsworth Way 
Tallahassee FL 32308 

Custis. Carla Faye 
First Street. Box 213 
Keller VA 23401 

Dalke. Leah Katherine 
253 N. Summit Avenue 
P. O. Box 268 
Woodstock VA 22664 

Davidson. Mary Lacy 
8706 Ruggles Road 
Richmond VA 23229 

Davis. Amy Elizabeth 
144 River\iew Drive 
Verona VA 24482 

Dawson. Kris(an Irene 
2022 7th Avenue E 
Hibbing Mn 55746 

Dawson. Tamalyn Kay 
1 746 Long Green Court 
Annapolis MD 21401 

Deal. Anne Michelle 
20 Buck Branch Drive 
Richmond VA 23233 

DeBreaux. Diahann Jinene 
621 Greenlawn Avenue 
Hampton VA 23661 

Deese. Debra Jeane 

228 MountainView Ave. 
Danville VA 24541 
(804) 741-1.540 

DeJametle. Kathryn Jane 
4101 Stuart Avenue 
Richmond VA 2322 1 
(804) ,358-0000 

DeMarchi. Gina Maria 
1 1 1 Crescent Road 
Beckley WV 25801 

Dicconson. Edith Anne 
5915 Saint Mary's Road 
Hillsborough NC 27278 

Dickerson, Lisa Maria 
4132 Hildnng Drive, East 
Fort Worth TX 76109 

DinnerviUe, Susan Cheryl 
4138 Jonquil Circle.SO. 
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 

Dinsmore. Jacqueline 

1070 Chestnut Drive 
Harrisonburg V A 22801 

Dixon, Althea Inez 
Route I , Box 553 
South Boston VA 24592 

Doering, Lisa Renee 
303 Copeland Drive 
Staunton VA 24401 


Donohue, Bemadelte I . 
1903 Deer Ridge 
San AntonioTX 78232 

Donohue. Denise Marie 
216 Brackenridge Avenue 
Norfolk VA 23505 

Douglass. Melissa Kay 
14 Runswick Drive 

Richmond VA 2.3233 

Dove, Laura Kristen 
2625 Nottingham RD. SE 
Roanoke V A 24014 
(703) -34.3-5378 

Dyess. Julianna Whitfield 
3401 Marquette 
Dallas TX 75225 

Early. Kari Leigh 
Route 1 . Box 1 28 
Mount Sidney VA 24467 

Eavey.Jennifer Marie 
5909 Brookfield Rd. 
Richmond VA 23227 

Ebara. Satoko 
2-18 Suniiyoshi-cho 
Okayama 703 Japan 

Edwards, Angela Heidi 
422 N. Wall Street 
Calhoun GA .30701 
(404) 629-7476 

Ehmann, Carrie Barbara 
Route 14, Box 619 
Tyler TX 757073533 

Elk. Deborah 
P.O. Box 873 
Route 776 

Middleburg VA22117 

Ellett. Lacy Linville 
2020 Rocky Creek Lane 
Richmond VA 23233-3698 

Elliott, Jacquelyn DeAnne 
2345 Danieltown Road 
Goochland VA 23063 

Elsing. Elizabeth Leigh 
3350 Parkway Dnve 
Alexandria LA 71301 

England, Jesica Jayne 
275 High Drive 
Huntington WV 25705 
(.W4) 522-7960 

Erard. Christina Lara 
8 Wall Street 
Fredericksburg VA 22405 
(703). 37.3-8226 

Esch. Lori Ann 
Rt. 2. Box 689A 
Afton VA 22920 

Eschinger. Sarah Talmage 
326 Cedar Lane 
Annapolis MD 21403 

Evans. K. Catharine 
155 N, Pecan Court 
Gilbert AZ 852.^4 

Everly. Elizabeth Seay 
846 Brown Court 
Toms River. NJ 08753 

Feigin, Debra Frances 
12415 Broken Bough 
Houston TX 77024 

Feltner, Leslie K. 
P.O. Box 2423 
Winchester V A 22601 

Fischer, Deborah Anne 

6163 South Marion 


Tulsa OK 74 1 36 


Fisher, Kimberly 
210 13th Street 
Ocean City MD 21842 

Fisher. Laura Lynn 
Route 3, Box 90 
Nathalie VA 24577 

Fisher, Nicole Lyn 
309 Vicar Road 
Danville VA 24540 

Fitzpatrick-Clark. Carolyn 
P.O. Box 245 
Fairfield. VA 24435 

Flinton, Gail K. 

105 Smithleigh Circle 

Staunton. VA 24401 

Freeman. Rebecca Hum 
34 Shelter Rock Road 
Manhasset NY 1 10.^0 

Friend, Jessica Lynn 
7 Prospect Street 
Clinton NY 13323 

Fuga/zotlo, Dana Helene 
3.566 Rockhill Road 
Birmingham AL 35223 

Gallagher, Immaculata 
1 8902 Vernon Road 
White Hall. MD 21 161 

Galvin, Amy Lee 

275 Gwinn Island Circle 

Danville. KY 40422 

Gamano, Fujika 
3-31-22 Oaza Hinosawa 
Yamagatamura Kunohe 
Iwateken 032-07 Japan 

Gantly. Lauren Mills 
58 Barkers Point Road 
Sands Point NY 11050 

Garcia, Leah Michelle 
738 Tarry Town Trail 
Port Orange FL 32 127 

Gametl, Sarah Brooke 
14471 Salisbury Road 
Midlothian VA 231 13 

Gatje, Jean Catherine 
1221 Botetourt Gardens 
Norfolk V A 2.3517 

Gavin, Chandra 
388 East 141 Street 
Apt. 14-B 
Bronx. NY 10454 

Gebran. Vera 

390 Green Valley Terrace 

Cedar Rapids, lO 52403 

Geliek, Pema Lhamo 
455 West 28th 
Eugene OR 97405 
(503). 345-3758 

Gercken. Tristan Elizabeth 
9840 Marcliff Court 
Vienna VA 22 180 

Gettier. Susan Glick 
Rt. 1. Box 195 
Craigsville, VA 24430 

Ghegan, Patricia Elinor 
77 Huntington Road. NE 
Atlanta GA 30309 

Gibbons, Merritt Kathleen 
854 Church Street 
Paris TX 75460 

Cjill, Catherine Burns 

4844 Rockwood Parkway. 


Washington DC 20016 

(202) .362-3232 

Goad, Tracy Davis 
827 Shenandoah Road 
Lexington VA 24450 

Goetz, Jennifer 
Rt. 3 Box 256-0 
Lynchburg. VA 24504 

Gorcys, Mary Elizabeth 
102 Waterside Place 
Grafton VA 23692 

Gorman, Selene Lynn 
592 Crown Point Drive 
Newport News, VA 

Gralia. Megan Elizabeth 
5035 Castle Moor Drive 
Columbia, MD 21044 

Grant, Samaniha Ellen 
222 Hall Street 
Ripon. WI -54971 

Gratto, Eugenia Elizabeth 
-M03 Surry Lane 
Falls Church VA 22042 

Gray, Shannon Maureen 
1701 Springhill Road 
Apt. G-21 
Staunton. V A 24401 

Gray. Stephanie Joanne 
7288 Pine Creek Way 
Fort Pierce FL 34986 


Green, Catherine Elizabeth 
10205 Lawyers Road 
Vienna V A 22180 

Greenlee, Jeanette 


107 Springlakes Drive 

Martinez, GA 30907 

Greenwell, Stephanie Ann 
304 Greenbriar Road 
Levington KY 40503 

Grter. Alexis 

121 North Washington 


Winchester, VA 22601 

Griffith. Debi Michelle 
Route I , Box 382 
Floyd V A 24091 

Griffith, Emily Murray 
4 1 8 East Liberty Street 
.Savannah GA 31401 

Guariglia, Lisa Ann 
8 Maple Lane 
Brookfield CT 06804 

Guffey. Amy Leslie 
140 Millstone Drive 
Verona VA 24482 

Habisreulinger, Anna 
Huckleberry Hill 
Spartanburg, SC 29302 

Hadley. Sara Renee 
321 Rice Mill Drive 
Myrtle Beach, SC 29575 

Haggart, Trisha Kelly 

14716 Old Georgia 


Rockville MD 20853 


Haines, Kristi Lynn 
1939 Country Club Drive 
Sugar Land TX 77478 

Hall. Brittney Elizabeth 
4452 Old Fox Trail 
Midlothian VA 231 12 

Hamilton, M, Veeneman 
21 Highland Road 
Richmond VA 23229 

Hand, Marylon Bernice 
P.O Box 478 
Gulf Shores AL 36542 
(205) 943-8069 

Hanson, Anne Heixick 
201 Via San Remo 
Newport Beach CA 92663 

Harris, Elizabeth Ann 
12908 Kentland Court 
Dale City, VA 22193 

Harris, Jennifer Lynn 
4627 Sloan Road, NW 
Roanoke V A 24017 

Harris. Lori Ann 
Rt. 2 Box 645 
Greenville, VA 2444(1 

Hart, Shannon Leigh 
4395 Valley Forge Drive 
Fairview Park. OH 44126 

Hawkins, Christyn Lucllen 
l()4Copperleaf Road 
Austin TX 78734 

Hawks, Alicia Gay 
3009 Oxford Drive 
Sutherland VA 23885 

Hayes, Dorothy Heather 
343 Country Club Drive 
Danville, VA 24541 

Hayes, Emily Frances 
2007 Powhatan Street 
Falls Church, VA 22043 

Henderson, Kimberly Ann 
6495 Heather Drive 
Memphis TN 381 19 

Hemdon, Letitia Lynn 
Route I , Box 390-C 
Fishersville VA 22939 

Heyward, Mary Allison 
104 Kings Mill Road 
Columbia .SC 29206 

Hickman, Thais 
426 Momingside Drive 
Lexington VA 24450 

Hicks, Lara Ashley 
1 108 Chumley Road 
Virginia Beach VA 2345 I 

Higgins. Sherry Stinnett 
Route 1, Box 135 
Glasgow VA 24555 

Hildebrand, Caroline S. 
630 Dogwood Drive 
Salem VA 24153 

Hill, Alicia Anne 
5761 Turkey Oak Road 
Richmond VA 23237 
(S()4) 748-0497 

Hill. Heather V, 
4309 Larchmont 
Dallas TX 75205 

Hill, Laura Swanson 
2077 Princess Anne Road 
Virginia Beach, VA 

Hines. Melissa Carol 
8305 Chesley Road 
Richmond V A 23231 

Hirola, Chika 

3-901 PV 3-1-2 Nuka- 


Naka-machi Kobe 650 

Mimalojima Chuo-Ku 


(078) 302-6835 

Hirs, Elizabeth Anne 
P.O. Box 711 
703 Captain O'Neal 
Daphne AL 36526 

Hiruy, Muhlet 

6301 LachineLane 

Apt. 103 

Alexandria, V A 22310 

HilcCandace Rebecca 
2154 Birch Avenue 
Buena Vista VA 24416 

Hobson, Patricia Lea 
4700 Shoremeade Road 
Richmond VA 23234 

Hodges, Melissa Lynn 
3900 University Boulevard 
Dallas TX 75205 

Hoerie, Barbara Fisher 
I I 14 Colonial Road 
Lancaster PA 1 7603 

Holcombe, Barbara Louise 
302 Forest Court 
SevemaParkMD2l 146 

Hollowell, Phyllis Melissa 
413 Locust Avenue 
Waynesboro. VA 22980 

Hoover. Ruth Jane 
4248 Potomac 
Dallas TX 75205 

Home. Elizabeth Robert 
3737 Perthshire Lane 
Colonial Heights VA 

Howard. Amy Elizabeth 

.3607 Hyde Park Drive. 


Roanoke V A 24018 


Huffman. Tern Beth 
Route I. Box 124 
Buena Vista V A 24416 

Huffstetler. Mary Frances 
446 Tyler Street 
Williamsburg V A 23185 

Hughes. Mary Jane 
1933 Adkins Road 
Richmond VA 23236 

Hughes. Victoria Elizabeth 
5406 Baychester Court 
Alexandria VA 22310 

Hunnicutt. MelindaGail 
17078 Powell Road 
Brookville FL 34609 

Hunter. Christa Lynn 
P.O. Box 66 

Swoope VA 24479 

Hunter. Holly Hennen 
30 Wagon Road 
Hilton Head Island SC 

Hurley. Allison Leigh 
325 Morningside Lane 
Abingdon V A 24210 

Hylton. Patricia S. 
P.O. Box 68323 
Virginia Beach VA 2.3455 

lies, Stephanie Lynne 
MOQ D-74 
USNAB Little Creek 
Norfolk V A 2.3521 

llgenfritz, Ashley Smyihe 
1 1 1 Duplessis Street 
Metairie, LA 70005 

Ilieva, Angelina Eniilova 
bul "Hriosto Botev" 79 
Plovida40()0 Bulgana 

Isbel, Paige 

908 West Sage Road 

West Chester. PA 19382 

Jackson. Heather Lynn 
44 Lynn Marr Drive 
Huntington WV 23705 

Jackson, Shirley Ann 
108 Robin Hood Road 
Staunton, VA 24401 

Jacobs, Stephanie Leigh 
8426 Flower Meadow 
Dallas TX 75243 
(214) ,503-8274 

Jafl'e, Honey Elise 
901 Waterfall Way 
Suite .301 

Richardson TX 75080 

Jamerson, Kelly Elizabeth 
205 Forest Court 
Madison Heights VA 

James. Mary Lucy 
5 1 7 Park Street 
Lawrenceville. VA 23868 

Jamison. Danica L. 
Rt I Box 2655 
Reedville. VA 225.39 

Jeffers. Lillian Janice 
2600 Club Drive 
Spartanburg SC 29302 

Jenkins. Patricia Jaye 
P.O. Box 207 
Clements MD 20624 

Jenkins, Penny Lynn 
84 Pine Street 
Frostburg. Md 21532 

Jennings. Ginger Paige 
1 03 Covebrook Lane 
Mechanicsville. VA 
231 1 1 

Jennings. Leigh Ann 
222 Taylor Street 
Staunton VA 24401 

Jmaeff. Jill Anne 
4118 East 98th Street 
Tulsa OK 74137 

Johnson. Sandra Lee 
99 Sunderlin Place 
Verona. VA 24482 

Johnston. Myra Kennedy 
1731 Pine Needle Road 
Montgomery, AL 36106 

Jones. Brandi Michele 
Rt. I Box 102-A 
Millboro VA 24460 

Jones, Cheryl Lynn 
Mary Baldwin College 
P.O. Box 109 
Staunton. VA 24401 

Jones. Donna Lynn 
1 14 Franklin Street 
South Hill, VA 23970 

Jones, Jennifer Lee 
316 Berkeley Place 
Staunton. VA 24401 

Jones, Jennifer Lynn 
35 12 University Boulevard 
Dallas TX 75205 

Jones, Mary Kathryn 
1214 Tanglewood Drive 
South Hill VA 23970 

Kahila, Shana Renae 
2700 Hanover Street 
Apartment #8 
Staunton V A 24401 
(703) 885-.M26 

Karseras. Christina Jane 

1422 A N. Woodhouse 


Virginia Beach VA 23454 


Kearney. Inga Charo 
1 105 West Johnson Street 
Staunton V A 24401 

Kellam. Amy Marie 
P O Box 824 
WestPoim VA23181 

Kellam, Susan Claire 
R.FD. 224H-I 
Exmore VA 23350 

Keller, Claire Elizabeth 
100 Mendota Avenue 
Rye NY 10580 

Kelley. Melissa Lou 
7420 South Harrison Way 
Littleton CO 80122 

Kendall, Kimberly F.llen 
Route I, Box 510 
Waynesboro VA 22980 

Kennuly, Kelly Ann 
Wesi 634 Ivanhoc 
Spokane W A 99218 

Kenny, Karin Loring 
211 Winding Way Road 
Lynchburg VA 24502 

Keplinger, Elizabeth Anne 
2915 Tremont Circle, NW 
Canton OH 44708 

Kerry, Alecia Jane 

188 Orange Blossom 


Tavemier, FL 33070 

Kesler, Stacey Beth 
7127 Pine Court 
Roanoke, V A 24014 

Keyser, Melissa Lynn 
Route 1, Box 922 
Washington VA 22747 

Kiarie, Monica Wacheke 
P.O. Box 68012 
Nairobi Kenya 
(000) 256-9727 

Kibler. Teresa Ann 
Route 1. Box 108 
Woodstock VA 22664 

Kierson, Heather Denise 
7002 Fox Green West 
Chesterfield. VA 23832 

Kincad, Tina Thompson 
Rt. 2 Box 288 
Churchville. VA24421 

King, Julia Sherman 
114 N. Lewis Street 
Staunton V A 24401 

King, Sandra Lynn 
104 Poland Street 
Waynesboro, VA 22980 

Kitamura, Michiko 
3-6-15 Tomiokita Nara 
Nara63l Japan 
(000) 000-(K)(X) 

Klich, Wendy Gay 
22 Flax Mill Road 
Newport News VA 23602 
(804) 877-2604 

Klopman, Jennifer Lyon 
827 Warwick Court 
Burlington NC 27215 

Klotzberger, Leigh Anne 
222 E. Washington Street 
Charles Town WV 2.5414 

Klult/. Margaret 


520 South Fulton Street 

Salisbury NC 28144 


Knoules. Sara Ashley 
144 Roger Smith 
Williamsburg VA 23185 

Kokie, Kristin Marie 
710 Selkirk Court 
Bel Air MD 21014 

Korudanova, G. Georgieva 
■•Petko D. Petkov" Str. 42 
Block 1, VhodG,Apt7 
Plovdiv 4000 Bulgana 

Krogs(ad, Kerry Michelle 
P.O. Box 574 
Shepardstown, WV 25443 

Kulczyk, Jennie 
102 Willow Drive 
Waukegan IL 60087 

Kurtz, Jennifer Lynne 
#4 Wealthy Road 
Linden VA 22642 

Lamb, Michel Lynne 
1 16 Harlesden Lane 
Summerville, SC 294X5 

Lambert. Melissa 
P.O. Box 252 

Panison.TX 77466 

Lanier, Leigh Dell 
Rt. 2 Box 72 
Ozark. AL 36.360 

Lara. Clarissa Denise 
P.O. Box 925 
Rockport. TX 78382 

Lawhome. Angela Denise 
Route 1, Box 274 
Roseland VA 22967 

Lawrence, Carmen 


Rt. 2 Box 158 

Hardy, VA 24101 

Lawrimore. Gina Elizabeth 
835 West High Street 
South Hill VA 23970 

Lawson. Elizabeth Helen 
3101 May wood Road 
Roanoke V A 24014 

Lazo, Rossana Chrystina 
319 Cameron Street 
Alexandria VA 22314 

Lea, Kimberly Ann 
168 Acorn Lane 
Danville V A 24.541 

Leach, Kimberley 
28 Oak Lane 
Staunton, VA 24401 

Leftwich, Ashley 


5436 Stewart Drive 

Virginia Beach, VA 


Leftwich, Stephanie 


5436 Stewart Dr. 

Virginia Beach VA 2.3464 


Lejune, Julie Janel 
P. O. Box 403 

LaPlata MD 20646 

Lemmond. Elise Cabell 
9103-A Derbyshire Road 
Richmond VA 23229 

Lenahan. Sonya Marie 
700 H. Raleigh Avenue 
Norfolk. VA 2.3507 

Lesher, Mitzi Lynne 
9855 Highwater Court 
Burke, V A 22015 

Ligon, Cynthia Lynn 
Route 1 , Box 4 1 
Scottsburg VA 24589 

Lineberry, Andrea Clark 
1754 Walnut Avenue 
Buena Vista VA 24416 

Linehan, Patricia Marie 
Rt. 1 Box 173 
Nineveh, NY 13813 

Linhart, Laura Ellen 
6 Countryside Lane 
Richmond. VA 23229 

Linton, Kelly Sue 
Route I, Box 1 06 A- 7 3 
Swoope VA 24479 

Lobban. Melinda Lewis 
P.O. Box 148 
Washington Hemlock 
Alderson WV 2491(1 

Lodge, Julie Ileen 
6030 Riverview Way 
Houston, TX 77057 

Long, Melinda Ellen 
Rt. 12 Box 314 
Salisburg, MD 21801 

Lorenzin, Lisa L. 
Rt 9, Box 800 

Love, Alicia 
3536 Rankin 
Dallas. TX 75205 

Lovelace. Karin Mills 
500 River Bend Road 
Great Falls VA 22066 

Lowe. Mary Melanie 
6181 Snowhill Court 
Centreville VA 22020 

Luna. Danette Rae 
Route 2. Box 32 
Mehenin VA 23954 

Lynn. Allison Lovelace 
1 1 8 Clarendon Court 
Williamsburg V A 23185 

Lyutskanova. Albena 

buL'Russki" I17A 
Plovdiv 4000 Bulgaria 

Madison. Melanie 
1,3412 Chip Court 
Chester V A 23831 
(804) 748-4754 

Mahaffey, 11a Jo 
5280 Buice Road 
Alpharetta, GA 30201 

Malloy, Sarah Brooke 

5 Cantrell Road 

Little Rock. AK 72207 

Markel. Jennifer Elizabelh 
P.O. Box 608 
US 1 1 Sou(h 
Woodstock, VA 22664 

Martin, Donna Alison 
7180 Mountain View 

PinsonAL 35126 

Mask. Leslie Michelle 
240 Wayl Street 
Staunton. VA 24401 

Mauenmann. Kalherine 


303 Glen Rock Lane 

Conroe TX 773S5 

(409) 273-4280 

McAlister, Elizabeth Anne 
708 Brentwood Pointe 
Brentwood TN 37027 

McCarty. Shawn Tracy 
Route 9. Box 1 3fi 
Charlottesville V A 22901 

McClellan. Nancy 


5410 Allin Road 

Prince George VA 23875 


McCown, Sydney Leigh 
1629 Princeton Road 
Richmond VA 23227 
(804) 264-8598 

McDaniel. Anne Beverley 

2426 Huguenot Springs 


Midlothian VA 231 13 


McDaniel, Jill 

119 Prospect Street. #9 

Staunton V A 24401 


McDowell, Tonya Elaine 
83 Oak Run 
Merifield Acres 
ClarksviUe VA 23927 
(804) 374-4077 

McFaden. Jacqueline 


519 Wright Shop Road 

Madison Heights VA 



McLeod, Rhoda Lane 
5 1 2 Hampton Street 
Walterboro SC 29488 

McNabb, Tonya Lynn 
3118 Longhom Road 
Roanoke. VA 24018 

Meloni. Julie Christina 
1 8 Peace Drive 
Lewistown PA 17044 

Mildren, Marilyn Louise 
7618 South Quebec Place 
Tulsa OK 74 1 36 

Miller, Delna Dawn 
147 Chichester Avenue 
Hampton, VA 23669 

Miller, Stacey Lyon 
108 BnnkerRoad 
Barrington. 10 60010 

Mills, Anne Preston 
Route 4, Box 363 
Edgemere Road 
EastonMD 21601 

Mills, Catherine Marchant 
10321 Apache Road 
Richmond, VA 23235 

Miner, Katherine Doll 
1006 Hanover Avenue 
Norfolk VA 23508 
(8tM) 489-7783 

Moore, Penny Nicole 
1455 Hawthorne Avenue 
Buena Vista, V A 24416 

Moore, Sheri Lynn 
1 1 1 Walnut Hills Road 
Staunton V A 24401 

Moore, Tanya Gail 
1709 Vinson Street 
Staunton VA 24401 

Moore, Wendy Michele 
108 Skyline Ave. 
Staunton V A 24401 

Moorthy, Prathima 
506 Isle Royal Drive 
Madison. WI 53705 

Morgan, Agnes Elizabeth 
5755 Campbell Road 
York. SC 29745 

Morgan. Christine Beth 
2028 Spring Branch Drive 
Viernna. VA 22180 

Morgan. Elizabeth Anne 

100 Heritage Hills 

St. Albans. WV 25177 

Morgan. Lucia Marie 
P.O. Box 428 
Maurice. LA 70555 

Morila. Mayumi 
284-50 Kita 

Wakayama (>49-63 Japan 
(000) OOO-OOOO 

Morrison. Mary Hardy 
1616 South Lynn Street 
Arlington, VA 22202 

Moss, Julie Anne 
1708 Edwardian Way 
Anniston AL 36201 
(205) 835-0446 

Muccitelli, Helen Ursa 
1841 Washington Blvd 
Easton PA 1 8042 

Mulherin, Mary Anne 
1004 Monte Sano Avenue 
Augusta GA 30904 

Mullen, Abbie Nash 
4112 Windsor Parkway 
Dallas TX 75205 

Muramatsu, Yoko 
c/o SIS A, 4-16-14 
Nakameguro Meguroku 
Tokyo 153 Japan 
(046) 223-4032 

Murray, Margaret Frances 
1 1313 Renne Drive 
Jacksonville FL 32218 

Muska, Stephanie 


2140 LaBellevue Drive 

Roanoke, V A 24012 

Musser, Sonja Marie 
MlOSpringhill Road 
Staunton, VA 24401 

Myers, Tammy Marie 
2302 Davis Street 
Staunton, VA 24401 

Nagia, Sherine Ali 
748 Glenagles Drive 
Fort Washington, MD 

Naidu, Anuradha 
9085 Northfield Road 
Ellicott City MD 21043 

Nalty, Helen Hardie 
5509 Hurst Street 
(.5(.)4) 895-4466 

Nelson, Chrystel Marie 

1.50 E. 42nd Street 


New York NY 100175612 


Nelson. Jennifer Leah 
Route 2. Box 246 
Berkeley Springs WV 

Nguyen, Doan-Chau Phuc 
1038 Chesapeake Avenue 
Chesapeake VA 23324 

Nichols, Lisa Kristine 
16552 Forest Pine Drive 
Ballwin MO 6.3011 

Nichols, Loren Marie 
Route 1, Box 89 
Floyd V A 24091 

Norman, Alice Whiteside 
186 Hawthorne Drive 
Danville V A 24541 

O'Connor, Kaleen Jeanette 
7204 Ridgeway Drive 
Manassas, VA 221 1 1 

O'Donnell, Susan 


1 1 8 Meadow Lane 

Marietta OH 45750 


O'Neil, Sharon Patricia 
1685 Road 
Powhatan. VA 23134 

O'Quinn. Jennifer Leigh 
300 Hale Street 
Pearisburg VA 24 1 34 

Ochoa. Anabell L. 
Apt. I300E 
1 1 1 Frontier Drive 
Staunton, VA 24401 

Odom. Catherine Lynne 
1 176 Cumberland Dnve 
Colonial Heights VA 

Oehler. Emily Elizabeth 
108 Bramston Drive 
Hampton VA 23666 

Ogawa. Yuka 
Nakameguro Meguroku 
Tokyo 153 Japan 

Ohtsuka. Tomoni 
28-45 Molomachi 
Hirakata City 
Osaka 573 Japan 

Okada. Azumi 
2-25-2 Tsukamoto 
Osaka 532 Japan 
(006) .301-4098 

Osbom. Michelle 


106 Knoll wood Lane 

Greenville SC 29607 


Osmer. Jo Marie 
23 Kelly Way 
Stafford. VA 22554 

Palk, Laura Beth 
624 Loweland Road 
CookevilleTN 38.501 

Palmer. Sara Katherine 
109 Club Drive 
Quinton VA23I4I 

Parker, Jill Keathley 
Rt.l Box 185 
LaCrosse, VA 23950 

Parker, SarahElizabeth 
503 Spinnaker Road 
Newport News. VA 

Parrish, India McAden 
Star Route Box 41 1 
Gloucester Point VA 

Partington, Kathryn 


2421 Inverness Road 

Charlotte NC 28209 


Pattarini. Dawn Lee 
Route 2, Box 577 
Halifax VA 24558 
(804) 572-8676 

Paul, Kelly Rae 

2218 B Wayne Avenue 

Chariottesville, VA 22901 

Payne, Angela Lynn 
7301 Lancet Lane 
Oklahoma City OK 731 16 

Payne, Keena Lynn 
3217 Brightwood Place 
Roanoke V A 24014 
(703). 345-5577 

Peebles, .Amanda 
5713 Oak Tree 
Greensboro NC 27405 

Pemberton. Sarah Paige 
3409 Nuttree Woods Drive 
Midlothian V A 23 112 

Pendleton, Ann Marie 


600 Fisher Road 

Wytheville VA 24382 

(703) 228-4620 

Perez-Pangbom, Christina 
317 15thSt. N.W. 
Apt. #201 

Chariottesville VA 221^03 

Peter, Katherine Louise 
Mockingbird Valley Road 
Louisville, KY 40207 

Peters, Michelle Katharina 
170 Farmingdale Avenue 
Winston-Salem NC 27107 

Peterson, Kimberly Ann 
Rtl Box 60 
Marshallville, GA 31057 

Peto, Elizabeth Lyiine 
4504 Nambe Circle 
Richmond VA 23237 

Petrusky, Jennifer Michele 
10160 Clover Glen Drive 
Vienna VA 22 180 

Phillips, Belynda Lee 
2518 Juniper Road 
Pnnce George VA 23875 

Phillips, Tondra 
PO Box G 
Stockton MO 65785 

Piegari, LeeAnn Mary 
Route 3, Box 404 
Lexington VA 24450 

Pistey, Laura Lynne 
1436 Penlaw Drive 
Fairmont WV 26554 
(3(M) 363-6259 

Pollitt. Jennifer Ann 
1224 Riverside Avenue 
Baltimore MD 21230 

Pover, Evi-Luisc 
506 North Park Drive 
AMington VA 22203 

Preston, Nicole Leslieann 
2936 Homestead Drive 
Petersburg VA 23805 
(8(M) 861-6182 

Price, Chrissandra 
P.O.Box 1157 
Nonon, VA 24273 

Price, Kathryn Louise 
R.D. l.Box244-A 
McVeytown PA 1 705 1 

Price, Kimberly Jo 
214 Holly Hill Road 
Bridgewater, VA 22812 

Price, Virginia Leigh 
409 3rd Street 
Waynesboro, VA 22980 

Prieur, Eugenie Marie 
169 W.Oakridge Park 
Metairie, LA 70005 

Przytulska, Magdalena 


5239 Lawndale 

Detroit, MI 48210 

Purtill, Frances Traver 
5332 Hillingdon Road 
Charlotte NC 28226 

Rabenau, Brenda Ann 
2874 Bird View Road 
Westminster MD 21 157 

Radloff, Michelle Lee 
W5816 Woodland Road 
Plymouth, Wl 53073 

Rafique, Ayesha 
Petrolube, P.O. Box 1432 
Export Mkting. Dept. 
Jeddah21431 Saudi 

Ragsdale, Austin Elizabeth 
16705 Lanier Road 
Petersburg VA 23805 

Rakes. Sabrina Darrow 
1 6 Coventry Lane 
Athens OH 45701 
(614).5y3-.361 1 

Ray, Aimee Leah 
13751 ElmsleadRoad 
Midlothian V A 23113 

Raynor, Mildred Michelle 
206 Flower Court 
Mount Airy MD21771 

Reed, Kimberly Lucas 
271 N. Lewis Street 
Staunton V A 24401 

Rhoades, Abigail Carleton 
76 Norton Rd. 
Kittery ME 03904 

Richards, Amanda Rose 
Route 1 Box 1685 
Davidson NC 28036 

Ripley, Shannon Glover 

2850 Fairway Forest 


Salem, VA 24153 

Rivera, Gina P. 

2400 South Glebe Road 

Apt. 809 

Ariington. VA 22206 

Roach, Mary Helen 
1605 Lissa Drive 
McConib MS 39648 

Roberson, Angel Taunya 


1315 Hazel Avenue 

Chesapeake, VA 23325 

Roberts, Dana Claire 
6508 Falconbndge Road 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Roberts, Renee Lynn 
Route 7. Box 7960 
Gloucester VA 23061 

Roberts, Sara Jane 
1412 Howard Drive 

Tyler TX 75701 

Robertson, Michelle 


Route 7, Box 350 

Staunton V A 24401 


Rodes, Roxanne Evelyn 
Route 2, Box 256 
Afton VA 22920 

Rodriguez, Carmen Lujsa 
1202 East Village Drive 
South Charieston WV 

Rose. Kathryn Hayes 
10103-C Castile Court 
Richmond VA 23233 

Rosemond, Heather M. 
2006 Willowick Lane 
Richmond VA 23233 

Rowe, Erin Haniey 
2(J0 Bondurant Court 
Rtchmond VA 23236 

Rowe, Leigh Allison 
508 Betsy Bell Road 
Staunton V A 24401 

Ruder, Tracey Ann 
720 Huguenot Trail 
Midlothian V A 23 1 13 

Runnels. Rebecca Jamine 
43 10 Wraywood Avenue 
Chester V A 23831 

Rupe, Amy Muriel 

1075 Southwest 2nd 


Ontario OR 97914 

(5(W) 889-5008 

Sadler, Nicole Yvette 
2532 Swift Creek Blvd 
Houston, TX 77030 

Sales, Amy Maria 
Route 3, Box 364-A 
Renick WV 24966 

Sales. Meg Eleanor 
Route 3, Box 364-A 
Renick WV 24966 

Salvilla, Stephanie Ann 
224 Highland Avenue 
Norton VA 24273 

Satchell, Kimberly Wilson 
28372 Canvasback Lane 
Easton MD 21601 

Satonii, Asako 
c/o Ken Mori 
1535 Rugby Road 
Chariottesville VA 22901 

Sattert'ield, Mary Paula 
3 1 Frances Way 
Lewisburg WV 24901 

Sawyers, Jessica Elizabeth 
P.O. Box898 

325 Maple Street 
Dublin VA 24084 

Scherff, Susan l^ee 
19 Fairway Trail 
Sparta NJ 07871 

Schiff, Kathryn Low ranee 
4353 Livingston Avenue 
Dallas TX 75205 

Schwabe. Caryll Alece 
5 Gat Creek Road 
Charleston WV 25314 

Schweickert, Susan Lynn 
2149 Oakengate Lane 
Midlothian V A 231 13 
(804) 794-8997 

Schwertfeger, Karen Lee 
2(.14 Roebling Street 
Wan-enton VA22186 

(703). 147-727 1 

Scott, Anne Blair 
8659 Rio Grande Road 
Richmond, VA 23229 

Scott. Christina Lee 
Rt. I Box 406 A 
Lynhurst. VA 22952 

Scott, Sharon Leslie 
3925 Oxbridge Road 
Richmond VA 23236 

Seamster. Susan Winn 
Route 2, Box 154-F 
Fox Run 

Lunenburg VA 23952 

Sears, Heather Durant 
55 Montclair Drive 
Atlanta GA 30.109 

Seay. Jennifer 

Rt. I Box 18A 

Fork Union VA 23055 


Seraphin, Katherine Ann 
4701 Federal Court 
Annandale VA 22003 

Shannon. Andrea Janel 
2419 Owen Drive 
Wilmington, DE 19808 

Sharp, Donna Michelle 
201 Cyril Lane 
Richmond VA 23229 

Shearouse. Camille Marie 
1 1 1 Radick Drive 
Savannah GA 31406 

Shelor, Sarah Rebecca 
1906 Huntington Road 
Greensboro NC 27408 

Sherman. Rebecca Laurian 
9803 Waterfront Drive 
Manassas. VA 221 1 1 

Shiprek. Alison Marie 
7503 Rockingham Road 
Prospect KY 40059 
(502) 228-8382 

Shugart. Julia Cronk 
3005 Steeple Chase Court 
Midlothian VA 231 13 

Shuler. Garland Maree 
24 West Prentiss 
Greenville SC 29605 

Simons, Elizabeth Boiling 
1526 Blanton Avenue. SE 
Roanoke V A 24014 

Sisson, Tammy Lee 
One Norht Sunset Lane 
Warsaw. VA 22572 

Skeen. Sarah Elizabeth 
P.O. Box 181 
Monterey VA 24465 

Skidmore. Myra Elizabeth 
128 Diamond Street 
ElkinsWV 26241 

Sloan. Phyllis Martin 
109 Clarendon Avenue 
Nashville TN 37205 

Slough. Heather Anne 
304 Walker Street 
Lexington VA 24450 

Smetena, Michelle 


3114S. Battlebridge Drive 

Richmond. VA 23224 

Smiley. Sarah Genevieve 
Route I. Box 138-A 
Hiwassee VA 24347 

Smith. Alison Jennifer 
350 James Street 
Falls Church VA 22046 

Smith. Ann Merritt 
140 Tradd Street 
Charleston SC 29401 

Smith . Christine Leslie 
2729 River Road 
Virginia Beach. VA 23454 

Smith. Elizabeth Lauren 
522 The North Chace 
Atlanta GA 30328 
(404) 252-8879 

Smith. Heather Anne 
219 Sandee Road 
Timonium MD 21093 

Smith. Lara Marie 
8016 Ocean Pines 
Beriin. MD 21811 

Smith. Susan Waring 
1750 Westover Avenue 
Petersburg, VA 23805 

Smithdeal. Mary Megan 
12300 Harrowgate Road 
Chester V A 23831 

Soble. Stacey Ellington 
1510Claremont Avenue 
Richmond VA 23227 

Songer. Kimberly Ann 
2375 Glade Drive 
Chnstainsburg. VA 24073 

Sparks. Sonja Kristin 
2705 Femwick Road 
South Boston. VA 24592 

Spencer. Kristin Beth 
4407 Paces Battle. NW 
Atlanta GA 30327 

Staats. Angela F. 
Pittsburgh PA 15236 

Stapleton. Michelle Ann 
3004 Lakewood Road 
Glen Allen VA 23060 

Stariing. Mary Nell 
801 Hunter\ Ridge Road 
Charleston WV 25314 

Staton. LaCinda Sue 
P.O. Box 322 
Route 56 

Vesuvius. VA 24483 

Steams, Jennifer Paige 
5020 Observer Lane 
Woodbridge VA22192 

Stephens. Cynthia Lee 
429 Cromwell Drive 
Rocky Mourn V A 241 5 1 

Stephenson. Crysta Marie 
HC- 1 . Box 1 25 
Monterey VA 24465 

Sttill. Rebecca Ann 
22 Deert'ield Boulevard 
Hampton VA 23666 

Stinnett. Amy Gene 
11216 Eastborough Court 
Richmond VA 23233 

Stokely. Kathryn Meredith 
9107 Ewell Street 
Manassas VA 221 10 

Stone. Anne Carlton 
213 Oakdale Street 
Martinsville V A 241 12 

Stowe. Margaret 


801 May Boulevard 

P.O. Box 688 

Farmville NC 27828 


Strickland. Jessica Marie 
1 102 Magnolia Avenue 
Norfolk. VA 23508 

Suberk. Laurel Seyma 
71 1 Westover Drive 
Staunton VA 24401 

Suggs. Carroll Wilson 
320 West Livingston Place 
Metairie LA 70005 

Sullivan. Diara Aleace 
11241 SW 156th Street 
Miami FL 33157 

Sylvain. Jennifer Monique 
418E. Country Club Road 
Roswell NM 88201 

Tahboub, Suniah Sameer 
Eariy.sville VA 22936 

Tanaka. Etsuko 

5-1-21 Yoshicho Sokashi 

Saitamaken 340 Japan 

Tatterson. Kathryn A. 

Box 7 

Port Haywood V A 23138 


Tatum, Holly Elizabeth 
731 Morton Circle 
Maryville TN 37804 

Taylor, Katherine Hardy 
9103-F Derbyshire Road 
Richmond VA 23229 

Taylor, Kathryn Lee 
201 Shady wood Drive 
Newport News VA 23602 

Taylor, Tiffany Marsha 
122 Pineridge Lane 
Goldsboro NC 27530 

Team. Susan Claire 
741 Gwynne Avenue 
Waynesboro. VA 22980 

Thacker. Stephaine Marie 
1 1 2 George Street 
Staunton, VA 24401 

Thackston, Nancy 

2108Bucknell Avenue 
Charlotte NC 28207 

Thompson, Lee Elizabeth 
2648 Daniel Terrace 
Winchester, VA 22601 

Thrift, Elizabeth Anne 
2710 Beverwyck Road 
Charlotte, NC 28211 

Tims, Jolisse Louise 
325 George Street 
Winchester V A 22601 

Toepffer, JoAnna Caroline 
6105 Edgewood Terrace 
Alexandria VA 22307 

Topping, Lesley Renee 
8 1 8 Laurel Road 
Glasgow VA 24555 

Trimmier, Hallie Wade 
.3819 Riverview Circle 
Biringham, AL .35243 

Tripplehom, Ashley Paige 
3701 Crescent 
Dallas TX 75205 

Turner, Amy Catherine 
Route 1, Box 14 
Glade Hill VA 24092 

Turner. Sarah Chandler 

P.O. Box 717 

307 N. Commissioners 

Demopolis AL 36732 


Twigg. Melody Lynn 
3 1 1 Crockett Road 
Seaford VA 23696 
(804) 890-0723 

Tyler. Stephanie Lee 
75 Roosevelt Boulevard 
Lancaster PA 17601 

Ueda, Eriko 
Nara 630 Japan 

Ulicki. Judith A. 
1910 West Chateau 
Anaheim. CA 92804 

Uresti. Laura Guadalupe 
3203 West Salinas 
San Antonio TX 78207 

Utz. Karen Elizabeth 
1704 Chadwick Drive 
Richmond VA 23229 

Vamey. Hunter Caroline 
1 13 Terrapin Drive 
Brandon MS 39042 

Veney. Candace Pleshette 
109BixlersFen-y Road 
Luray VA 22835 

Ventura. Ana Luisa 
212 W. 18th Street 
Hopkinsville KY 42240 

Vest. Carol Lynn 
1516 Westerfield Road 
Virginia Beach VA 2.3455 
(804) 460-0 IM 

Vicente. Veronica .Adriene 
3144 Village Drive 
Waynesboro VA 22980 

Vilseck. Kristin Anne 
2 1 S Dryen Lane 
Richmond, VA 23229 

Wadd\ , Angela Dionne 
Route I, Box 832 
Weems VA 22576 
(S(U) 435-3560 

Wakisaka. Kaoin 
1-3 Ooidecho 
Hyogoken 662 Japan 

Walker, Amy Adele 
689 Clayville Road 
Powhatan. VA 23139 

Wallace. Lee Bnstow 
808 Westham Parkway 
Richmond VA 23229 
(()()())()( 1(1-0000 

Walter. Julia Forsythe 
329 Brookside Drive 
Danville KY 40422 

Walther.Ginger Michelle 
77913 Cedarville Road 
Brandywine. MD 20613 

Walus. Sarah Marie 
Rt.l Box 203 A- 1 
Craigsville. VA 24430 

Ward. Lee Carren 
Rt 1 Box 61 
Volga. WV 26238 

Warner. Talley W. 

1507 Chickaniauga Trail 

Lookout Mountain G.^ 


(404) 820-2342 

Washington. Alice Hardy 
Route 6. Box 235-W 
Richmond VA 23231 

Washington. Earlha 


2075-B Marauder Drive 

Langley AFB VA 23665 


Wass. DebraGail 
2217 Mulberry Street 
Salem V A 24153 

Watts. Nancy Elizabeth 
14.34 Toledano 
New Orleans LA 701 15 

Waybright. Jennifer Ann 
318 Missimer Lane 
Vinton VA 24179 

Whitley. Kelly Elizabeth 
409 Onondio Circle 
Vienna, V A 22180 

Wertz. Sharon Marie 
143 Sandpiper Street 
Newpon News VA 23602 

Whittaker. Gerri Denise 
PO. Box 181 
Parrott VA24132 

Wieland. Sharon Lynn 

34 1 C .^shury Commons 


Dunwoody. GA 30338 

Widlt. Katheryn Felicia 
10309 Tamarack Drive 
Vienna, VA 22182 

Wilkinson. Jennifer Diane 
7442 Towchester Drive 
Chesterfield. VA 23832 

Williams. Amy Marie 
PO Box 1 325 
Williamsburg VA 
23 1 87 1 325 

Williams. Anna Caroline 
1287 Carriage Park Drive 
Franklin TN 37064 

Williams. Olivia Hope 
P. O. Box 579 
2028 Sixth Street 
Victoria VA 2.3974 
(8(U) 696-2646 

Williamson. Sara Spencer 
907 Azalea Drive 
Columbia TN 38401 

Wilson. Beverly LaVanche 
Route 2. Box 492 
South Boston VA 24592 

Wilson, Margaret Ashley 
1 6 Chamwood Road 
Richmond. VA 23229 

Wilson, Robin Lynn 
Route 2. Box 77 
Ronceverte WV 24970 

Wilson. Tricia Clardy 
316 E. Beveriey Street 
Staunton. VA 24401 

Wilt. Lori Leigh 
853 Parkview Avenue 
Staunton V A 24401 

Winter. Doris Victoria 
P O. Box 1 209 
23 Collins Meadow 
Georgetown SC 29442 

Witt. Mary Alice 
402 Waveny Road 
Richmond VA 23229 

Wood. Charon Patrice 
1248 Linden Place.NE 
Washington. D.C. 20002 

Wood. Joanna Bamnger 
17 Lakeview Drive 
Newnan GA 30263 

Wood. Karen Michele 
P.O. Box 157 
Eastville VA 23347 

Wood. Whitney Elizabeth 
428 Fairway Drive 
Petersburg VA 23805 
(804) 733-.3()27 

Wooden, Wendy Jane 

2632 Mountain Brook 


Birmingham AL 35223 


Woods. Kimberley Anne 
7 1 8 Dover Road 
Greensboro NC 27408 

Wrieden. Tracy Ellen 
8054 Stillbrooke Road 
Manassas VA 221 1 1 

Xu. Xiao-hui 

Room .W7. No. I.Lane 247 
Oa Mu Oiao Road 
Shanghai. China 

Yamazaki, Chiaki 

1-25-11 Higashi Magome 


Tokyo 143 Japan 

(003) 775-.5655 

Yang. Jian 

Room 503, Build No. 15 
West Station 
Shanghai. 200333 China 

Yeatts. Christina Maria 
Rt. 3 Box 27E 
Farmville, VA 23901 

Yingling. Courtney Paige 
1.196 Old Quincy Lane 
Reston VA 22094 

Yonker. Mary Margaret 

U.S. Embassy(Mexico 


P.O. Box 3087 

Laredo TX 78044 


Yoon. Miri 

5 Anderson Circle 

Newport News VA 23606 


Yospin. Shawn Katherine 
Route 4, Box 174 
Amelia VA 23002 

Young, Julie Mitchell 
Rt.l, Box 371 
Hayes, VA 23072 

Yumen, Yayoi 
586 Hiratanishi 
Yamaguchi 744 Japan 

Young, Julie Mitchell 
Rt. I Box 371 
Hayes, VA 23072 

Yumen. Yayoi 
586 Hiratanishi 
Yamaguchi 744 Japan 

These are the Senior 
Quotes that were not able 
to be included in the 
Senior Section. 

Julia Cronk Shgart 
Midlothian. Virginia 
Success is failure turned 
inside out. the silver tint of 
the clouds of doubt, and 
you can never tell how 
close you are it may seem 
near when it seems afar. 
So. stick to the fight when 
you're hardest hit- Rest if 
you must- but don't you 
quit. -Anonymous 

Kristin Beth Spencer 

Atlanta. Georgia 

You never really leave the 

people you lover - part of 

them you take with you. 

leaving part of you behind. 


The Bhteslocking will like 
to acknowledge Gwen 
Walsh for loaning us her 
sports pictures. We would 
also like to thank the 
following people for 
submitting pictures: 
Brooke Adams. Ellen 
Butler. Trish Hilton, 
Carmen Rodriquez, 
Katherine Brown, Jackie 
McFaden, Candace Hite, 
Melissa Lou Kelley. 
Patricia Ghegan, Melissa 
Lambert, Myra Johnston, 
Alison Coyner. Jen 
Cornelius. Anne Scott. 
Nicole Sadler. Lea Taylor. 
Sharon Wieland. Elizabeth 
Thrift. Shannon Hart. Kate 
DeJamette. Leah Dalke, 
Jenny Stems. Mary 
Morrison, Gamett Clymer, 
Allie Complon, Veronica 
Vicente. Anne Stone, 
Genie Gatje, and 7/ic 
Bliixlocking staff 


S E S Q U I C E N T E N N I A L 1842-1992 

Mary Baldwin College 

1992 Bluestocking 

We would like to dedicate the 1992 Bluestocking to Rick 
Kranias, Crista Cabe, Marsha Mays, Jen Harris, and to our 
staff. Thank you Rick, for putting up with all of our quick 
questions, the late night work sessions, and our 
inexperience at the tasks set before us. Crista and Marsha 
- thank you for stepping in and being there for moral 
support, to solve our problems and for giving us guidance, 
direction, and leadership we most desperately needed. 
Jen - thank you for delivering the theme, the responsibilities 
laid before us, and for helping with the computer. To our 
wonderful, workaholic staff - it has been a fast and 
confusing process, but the fun is about to begin. 


Allie and Helen